1 Big Lesson Everyone Should Learn from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Decision


Knowing when to walk away is wisdom. Being able to is courage. Walking away with your head held high is dignity.

– Unknown

First, let me put this out there, I’m a Royal family enthusiast. I have followed the Royal family since I could read books about Princess Diana. In fact, as a child, I thought I would end up marrying Prince William and living happily ever after… please don’t ask me how far. Thanks! By the way, Can you tell I even rewatch episodes of The Crown on Netflix? In my head, we are family and I don’t care what you think.

I feel like it’s important for me to have put that out because it’ll help you understand the process and time it’s taken me to come to the point where I’m at on this issue. If like me, your first reaction to the news that Harry and Meghan would step back from being senior members of the royal family was shock then anger then silence, you’re in good company. I’ve had people tell me to take a chill pill, after all, they’re not my family members. I’ve often referred them to the hurt they feel when their favorite English Premier football team doesn’t win a match…yeah, especially that team that hasn’t won a trophy in almost a decade… they finally get the feeling. We might not be related by blood but I have always rooted for Prince William and Prince Harry and so it breaks my heart to see Prince Harry step back but let’s talk facts.

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In 1997, the world lost Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother after a tragic car crash while she was trying to get away from Paparazzi aka The Press. For the better part of Prince Harry’s Life, the Press has painted him first to be the rebel prince who knows absolutely nothing about who he’s supposed to be or how he’s supposed to act. The older he grew, the more critical of him the Press became until they finally arrived at the conclusion that his crazy years were behind him and he’s now calm enough to take up Princely duties. Just about that time, news broke of his engagement to Hollywood actress Meghan Markle.

I remember watching the very memorable royal wedding with a Pakistani-British friend who said “Finally, there’s someone like me in Buckingham palace” It was what we thought to be a defining moment in racial tolerance in the British Monarchy, and a signal to the world that the UK loves diversity. It was a big moment for the UK soft power that year. However, like an African proverb goes,

‘You cannot hide smoke. It would eventually fickle out.’

The unfair racial profiling, racist remarks hidden under polite words and sheer hatred for a woman who simply got a second chance at life began to reign in the tabloids. I do hope the British Press is ashamed for every time they criticized Meghan for something they praised Kate Middleton for. The Guardian UK, in its analysis of this issue actually discovered that of the 843 articles in 14 print newspapers about Meghan Markle since mid-May 2018, 43% were negative 20% were positive, with the remaining 36% remaining neutral. Here are some receipts I found from Buzzfeed:

The time she was criticized for always touching her own personal baby bump.

Or the time she was bashed for not wearing a hat to a function with the Queen.

And this outrageous claim that she almost killed Princess Charlotte

Let’s not even remember the time a Journalist referred to her son, Archie as an ape.

So, what is my biggest lesson in all of this? Be bold enough to Walk away from people, situations, institutions, circumstances, beliefs, values and environments where you’re consistently shown you’re not wanted. It’s 2020 people, it doesn’t mean you give up easily but a person or persons or people who constantly bash you, disrespect you and your values and would go out of their way to pull you down are chipping right at your self-worth. The more you stay, the more damaged your self worth and esteem are. It’s toxic for your progress.

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I feel like someone needed to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk away to encourage them to also walk away from some crap they’ve been condoning or put in check some situations or people who have been toxic.

On a final note, they are moving to Canada! Who on earth doesn’t know that Canada is the new Capital of Nigeria? So, they’re literally becoming Nigerians (I kid. DO. NOT. QUOTE .ME)

Anyway, I do hope you find the courage to stand up for yourself against people and situations that are literally not good for you- and when you do, I hope you find a new sense of dignity and self-respect to help you become a better version of you. You’re too valuable to have anyone treat you crass. Hold your head up high. Now, go crush some goals this week!


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