Yea… your wardrobe looks nice. But do you have the right pieces? The essentials? The pieces no wardrobe should be without? It’s probably time to take stock of your wardrobe to make sure.

Here are few things every gentleman should have in his closet:

If you wear a suit every day, you should have at least two suits.

A navy and a charcoal suit will take you everywhere you need to go. Of course, two is not a limit, just a good base to built a full suit wardrobe.

A white dress shirt for the most formal occasions.

10 clothing items every modern gentleman should have in his closet
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A white shirt is absolutely essential for when you need to look clean and pressed.

A pale blue dress shirt for your less formal occasions.

Similar to the white one, this shirt will likely be the workhorse of your weekday wardrobe.

A pair of brown dress shoes.

Branch out to other colours and styles later, but for now get a brown shoe you can wear everywhere that’ll go with your suits.

And a belt that matches.

Also get a belt that matches perfectly with your brown shoe.

An expensive, impressive watch that can be both dressed up and dressed down.

This one may be a bit controversial, as many men aren’t wearing watches these days. But they should be! A well-chosen watch can complete an outfit, and a suit without a watch is like a pair of pants without a belt. It needs it.

A navy blazer is more useful than you may think.

navy blazer
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A blazer can class up any outfit that it matches. You’ll definitely wear it more than you think you might (or even more).

Another great casual option is the ubiquitous polo shirt.

It’s another piece that looks classier than a T-shirt but is just as easy to wear.

A pair of casual chinos.

For that grey area of formality, chinos are perfect. Wear them with a polo for a casual look, or a button up and blazer to dress it up.

A pair of dark denim jeans.

You don’t have to be denim head to appreciate the clean aesthetic of a dark denim. Dressed up or down, they’re always clean and a well-made pair will have your back in all casual environments for years to come.


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