10 Famous resistance band exercises for visible results in no time


Resistance training is famous for yielding quick results without all the agitation. After all, you don’t need heavy weights and clunky gym equipment to get ripped with resistance-band exercises.

Before you begin this exercise, warm up with five to 10 minutes of light aerobic movement. Complete these exercises in sets of two to three each of 12 to 15 repetitions. When finished, cool down five to 10 minutes with an easy stretch.

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Photo credit: fitnessrepublic.com
Photo credit: fitnessrepublic.com

1. Resistance band squats

Resistance band squats are famously tough; they work your entire body, so you’ll definitely feel the burn. Your thighs may burn afterwards, but it is worth the effort.

2. Bend over rows

Instead of using an upright row with a barbell, try resistance band bend-over rows. This move is often used as a rehabilitation exercise for people with injuries. It helps strengthen upper back muscles, correcting posture. If you’ve had a shoulder injury, ask a fitness expert about incorporating this exercise in your workout.

3. Lateral raise

The lateral raise is great for toning your shoulders, enhancing your posture and firming up your arms. (Make sure you have enough space around you to raise and extend your arms). This exercise burns the muscles out quickly, so feel free to decrease repetitions or sets if you’re getting fatigued.

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4. Triceps extension

This is another resistance band exercise that challenges and extends the arms and upper back muscles. As you do this exercise, keep tension on the band to create greater (or lesser) resistance.

5. Lying chest press

This exercise hones in on chest muscles, creating a taut, firm chest. Make sure you choose a resistance band that gives you a workout but doesn’t strain your muscles. You can further control the tension level by standing farther away or closer to the band. The key to this exercise is slow and easy movement.

6. Lunges

You don’t have to be a runway model to have runway legs! This exercise move gets your hamstrings, butt, and quads all toned up. You’ll feel this will feel the workout in your glutes and legs.

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7. Russian twist

Blast fat from your waist and glutes with the Russian twist. Using resistance bands instead of weights means you can change the amount of resistance according to your level of fitness. This exercise targets your obliques, a.k.a., your side abs.

8. Reverse crunch

An all-over body workout, the reverse crunch tightens abdominals and works your arms, legs and glutes. The lower abdominals really get a workout with this one, especially with the added resistance of the bands.

9. Bicep curls

A fundamental exercise, bicep curls are a part of almost any standard strength training routine. Using resistance bands for this exercise provides the same results as a barbell, but you can easily create the level of resistance for your fitness level without hitting the gym (or carrying barbells around).

10. Diagonal woodchops

Just like it sounds, resistance band diagonal woodchops simulate the act of wielding an axe over your shoulder and chopping wood. This exercise strengthens neglected, smaller muscle groups that have been overworked. If you want to build strong shoulders and whittle your waist, try this unusual exercise.


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