10 Hacks to clipping your baby’s nails without difficulties


Motherhood presents one of the most anxiety-induced tasks, nail clipping! It often takes nerves of steel to do the seemingly simple task of clipping your baby’s nails.

The uncertainty of how to do it or when exactly to cut your baby’s nails can be very daunting for new moms.

To make life and nail clipping a little less stressful for you, we have rounded up some of the best nail clipping advice from fellow moms.


Offer your baby a toy as a distraction to what’s happening.

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Partner up

Don’t take this stressful task up on your own. Rope your partner in on the job. Get them to distract your baby with silly faces while you quickly trim his nails.

Front facing carrier

Keeping your baby still while cutting his nails is half the fight most of the time. Try placing him in a front-facing carrier. It keeps your baby still enough and you can easily see what you are doing.

Bath time

Take distraction to the next level with bath time. The time spent in the bath makes the whole process simpler with softer nails.

Feeding time

Feeding time is often forgotten about when it comes to nail cutting. Your baby will happily surrender her hands while she is drinking milk.

Break it up

Babies sometimes get restless while you cut their nails, so break up the task. Rather opt to trim one hand and then the other later in the day.

Forgo the nail clippers

If the nail clippers or nail scissors are too scary for you, rather try a crystal (also known as a glass nail file). Nicks and cuts are easily avoided.

Lap time

Get your baby comfy on your lap and start the trimming. Your baby will be mesmerised with being close to your face.

Talk it out

Fostering a good atmosphere around nail cutting makes it easier for you. From a young age, start talking your baby through the task. Eventually, you might have a toddler that sits and allows you to cut her nails without any hassles.

Sleepy baby

Nap time has always been my foolproof way of trimming my daughter’s nails. Once she’s fallen asleep for her nap, I wait 10 minutes or so for the deep sleep to settle in before I commence. It’s a win-win situation.



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