As humans, our overall health  depends largely on our mental health, and if mentally we do not feel ok, it reflects on all that we do. Here, we put together the best mental health advice from different sources and here’s what we came up with:

1. Know that it’s OK to not be OK right now.

Give yourself permission to feel like crap, don’t feel guilty about it. No one expects you to be on top of the world every single moment.

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2. Know that you can’t change a situation by worrying.

Overthinking something you can’t do anything about can’t change the outcome anyway, so it’s of no use.

3. Don’t always listen to the voice in your head.

Just because you had a cripplingly negative thought about yourself doesn’t mean it’s true.

4. Know that you deserve to get help.

My therapist told me that no matter how mild or how severe, my depression matters and it deserves to get treated. I got told that I deserved to get help, and that changed how I view my mental health entirely.

5. Don’t feel ashamed or weak for needing medication.

you need psychiatric medication, it is for a very real medical condition that just happens to be in your brain, not your pancreas. Don’t feel ashamed or weak or guilty, just do what you need to keep yourself healthy.

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6. Don’t stop your medication without talking to your doctor.

I often think that this muted version of myself is too boring and want to go off my medication. It always starts out great. I have more ideas and motivation, but after a few days to weeks it turns to racing thoughts that just can’t stop and my mind starts interpreting things wrong, and I get paranoid and start hearing voices confirming my paranoid delusions. I end up in the mental hospital and have to go back on the meds anyway. So I have to remember, just take the fucking meds.

7. Don’t assume you have to fix everything yourself.

If something is wrong, admit that something is wrong, and decide that you’re going to fix it. You don’t have to know what to call the problem or know the solution, but decide that you’re going to work to get better.

8. Express gratitude.

It’s impossible to feel 100% negative when you make note of everything you’re grateful for. Even if you can’t think of much, the act of looking makes you feel better.

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9. Remember that no one is judging you as much as you are.

No one is ever thinking about you as much as you believe they are because everyone is too busy worrying about themselves. Take care of you, and not the you that you feel you’re perceived as.

10. Let people help you.

Know that even though people may not understand you, the ones who love you will try to help you as much as they can. Trust them and rely on them, you don’t have to handle it all alone.


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