11 Essential Items Every Lady Should Have In Her Handbag


As a lady, your purse is almost like a best friend to assist you in your time of need. As you know, there are some essentials that you should always carry in your purse or handbag, apart from your phone, which is important for communication.

In no particular order, these are 11 items that should be found in your purse or handbag. They include:

  1. A compact mirror

Always have a mirror in your handbag. You may need it to reapply your lipstick or get that piece of food out from between your teeth.

  1. A pocket-size hand sanitizer

Your hands come in contact with germs and bacteria every day. So, always have a hand sanitizer handy.

  1. Pocket-size tissues

Most of the time, sneezes are like surprise attacks that can catch you unawares. Since you won’t know when the next one will come, make sure you always have tissues on hand to clean up.

  1. Your ID

A valid ID card should be taken everywhere you go. You can’t predict when you will need it.

  1. A portable phone charger

In times of need, portable phone chargers can be lifesavers. Nothing hurts like having a flat battery when you are without a charger to boost your phone.

  1. A mini hairbrush

You may need to get your hair back in order with a brush when the wind scatters it. So, you do not have to ruin your look.

  1. Lip balm

To prevent having chapped lips, always have a lip balm in your possession.

  1. Pain killers

Pain killers, like Panadol or Ibruprofen, can come in handy to help you out whenever that headache, migraine or backache shows up.

  1. A mini makeup bag

It is important to have a mini makeup bag in your purse to keep your makeup items (lip gloss, powder etc) in one place.

  1. Baby wipes

Super gentle on the skin, baby wipes are perfect and great for removing makeup and refreshing your face.

  1. Cash or an ATM card

Don’t be caught dead without cash at hand or at least an ATM card to withdraw cash from the nearest ATM outlet. You can never know when you will need the cash for an emergency.

I hope these tips were useful to you.


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