Vaseline jar has been every mum’s saviour for more than 140 years, and you’ll be surprised to learn that it can be used for more than just keeping your family’s skin soft and smooth, treating cracked heels and moisturising dry lips.

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We’ve rounded up the 15 best uses for Vaseline that will change your life forever!

  1. Apply Vaseline Blueseal Germsafe over your little one’s scabs, scrapes and minor cuts to form a protective barrier.
  2. Rub Vaseline on a dry, itchy nose during a cold to soothe and protect it.
  3. Dab Vaseline around the eye area to reduce puffiness, dark rings or bags.
  4. Rub Vaseline into your heels and feet before wearing new shoes to protect them from blisters.
  5. Instead of using mascara, dab Vaseline on to your eyelashes, to make them look silky and long.
  6. Use a tiny bit of Vaseline to slick back stray hairs and create a sleek ponytail.
  7. Rub Vaseline into your skin before applying perfume to make the smell last longer.
  8. Use Vaseline Blueseal Vitamin E on a cotton swab to gently and effectively remove make-up.
  9. Mix Vaseline with salt or sugar to create an exfoliating scrub. Rub all over your body before your shower or bath to remove dead skin.
  10. When dying your hair, gently dab Vaseline on your hairline to prevent staining your skin the colour of your new ’do.
  11. Beat split ends! Rub a little Vaseline between your fingers, and work it into the ends of your hair. Be careful not to use too much.
  12. Apply Vaseline to squeaky hinges on doors or cabinets to keep them quiet.
  13. Breathe new life into old shoes. Vaseline can make scuffed patent-leather shoes shine like new again.
  14. Highlight your cheekbones. Dab a bit of Vaseline on your cheekbones to get that dewy fresh look.
  15. Vaseline can help to heal a sunburn. It will help to lock in moisture to prevent peeling.



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