Everybody deserves some TLC, but not everybody has the time. These 15 simple, effortless beauty hacks will pamper you in a short amount of time, resulting in an even more gorgeous you.

1. Shave your face.

I know what you’re thinking… I’m not a man? But that’s not the kind of shaving I’m talking about. Use a small electric razor to remove any unwanted peach fuzz that you have on your face. This will allow for a smoother makeup application.

2. Bake.

Use a translucent powder on places where you want to brighten and mattify. I do mine under my cheek contour, under my eyes, on my chin, above my eyebrows, and down my nose. Apply a thick layer and let it sit for a couple of minutes before dusting it off.

3. Use heat-protecting spray.

Every time you apply any heat to your hair, you MUST use heat protecting spray beforehand. This keeps your hair from burning which overtime will cause serious damage. Try to let it air dry and leave it natural as much as possible to keep your hair healthy.

4. Prime your eyes and face.

Primer makes your makeup last longer, makes your skin more even before applying your makeup, and can even make your makeup look brighter. You can even get kinds that have nutrients for your skin.

5. Don’t rub your perfume.

Rubbing your wrists together creates heat, and heat changes the scent of your perfume. So keep your perfume fresh by keeping your wrists separate.

6. Use baby powder for dry shampoo.
Sprinkle just a little baby powder on your roots and it’ll absorb all the oil right up. Plus it’s cheaper than dry shampoo.

7. Use dryer sheets to remove frizz.

One of the lesser-known beauty hacks is that you can use a dryer sheet when your hair is frizzy or static-y. Whether you attach it to your brush or just do it by hand, you’ll be good to go in a few quick swipes.

8. Remove your makeup with coconut oil.

One jar will last you a long time, and it is better for your skin than traditional makeup wipes… and probably way cheaper, too.

9. Exfoliate twice a week.

Scrub away dead skin to reveal a polished, fresh face.

10. Moisturize your face!

This is one of the most important beauty hacks out there because it’s the first step in any good beauty routine. Moisturize in the morning and at night time to keep your skin hydrated and pretty. Grandma swears by this one to prevent wrinkles!

11. Apply bronzer in a “3” formation.

Start at the middle of your forehead, then go around and into your cheekbone and back out and on your jaw line. To add more depth, you can add apply highlighter in a backwards “3.”

12. Conceal your under-eyes.

Make triangles under your eyes instead of half circles to conceal your under-eyes. Not only will this cover up bags and dark circles, but it will also bring light to the center of your face.

13. Fill your brows with tiny strokes.

Using swift, short strokes makes your brows look natural and not like you Sharpie’d them on.

14. Get rid of cracked feet.

Lather lotion and Vaseline onto your feet and throw on some fuzzy socks before bed. You’ll wake up with soft, smooth feet!

15. Fill in your hairline with eye shadow.

Apply eye shadow that matches your hair on your part and it will instantly make your hair look thicker. You can also use shadow to fill in any sparse patches in your hairline so you can rock that perfectly snatched ponytail.


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