‘Are you okay dad’? Nathan stared at his father, he thought he looked rather pale.

‘Fine’ Silas replied tightly.

Why was Greg so stubborn? Why was he bent on destroying the relationship he had built with Wendy’s parents? It baffled him. He had a feeling Greg would do all in his power to avoid a marriage to wendy.

‘You aren’t fine dad, here, sit , tell me everything’ Nathan led the older man into a chair.

A smile carved Silas’ face at the gesture of his younger son; in many ways Nathan had shown so much concern for him unlike his elder brother Greg.

‘Is this about Greg’? Nathan asked nervously.

‘Yes. He is refusing Wendy; I don’t know what to do’ Silas’ head swayed back and forth.

Nathan drew a deep breath and watched the man he called father; he had known from an early stage that he was less loved and less preferred to his half brother, Greg.

You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Amanda Ep10

His mother had told him about the affair she had with Silas that gave birth to his existence; it had hurt him those years, when he had yearned for a father; one to accompany him to his baseball games; one to read him a bed time story; one to look up to but Silas had never been there.

He only sent him and his mother money; but money wasn’t everything.Nathan’s green eyes were unsettling as he stared at the older man, thinking up a suitable plan that would align with his’.

Greg had their father’s love and favor; though Silas kept saying he would hand over the company to him, deep down he knew his father was just bluffing.

Deep down, he knew Silas didn’t trust him as much as Greg; didn’t believe in him. If he did, why had he placed Greg as the C.E.O at the tender age of twenty?

However, he wasn’t perturbed. Beecroft was equally his birthright and he had returned to fight for her; he had carefully planned every moment of his ascension to the Software Empire.

First, he needed to appear like the good guy; he needed his father to play into his hands, that was the only way to hurt Greg eventually.

‘Greg can be handled, even the toughest rebels were tamed’ Nathan replied.

‘Not your brother Nathan, you don’t know a thing about Greg. He is purposeful, strong, self willed and his decisiveness scares me at times’ Silas felt frustrated with Greg, but he couldn’t beg him. He would never allow Greg see that side of him.

‘Have you told him that Wendy is pregnant with his child’? Nathan inquired.

‘Does it matter? Greg would still refuse to wed her and that means her parents would pull out’ Silas replied.

‘Or not’ Nathan breathed.

‘You have a plan or something’? Silas scoffed.

‘Of course, it’s time to employ tact’ Nathan replied.

‘Tact? Tact doesn’t work when dealing with your brother; hell, I don’t even know what works’ Silas replied.

‘Invite him over for dinner, I have something in mind’ Nathan’s emerald orbs gleamed mischievously.

‘And what could that be’? His father wondered.

‘Just make him come home’ Nathan replied and returned to his laptop.

‘Okay then, I’ll do just that’ Silas left for his room.

He grinned as he watched the pictures of a drunken Greg and his side chicks; he had been at the party and he had taken the pictures and leaked them on the internet.

‘How fun, daddy’s boy always gets into trouble’ Nathan sniggered.

Greg had been so drunk that he couldn’t recognize him and that was when he seized the opportunity to discredit Greg before Silas.

What was so special about Greg? Why couldn’t Silas choose him?

‘Done with that’ Nathan murmured and shut his eyes for a while.

He still remembered her lovely face; her light brown curls that cascaded to her shoulders; the glow of her sapphire eyes, her luscious pink lips and her shy smile.

‘Amanda’ he drawled her name.

She was the most beautiful blonde he had ever come across and he couldn’t stop thinking about her; he had searched the internet for her, but no results came.

‘I’ll keep looking’ he shut the computer and rose to his feet.

He would search the town for her later but now? He needed to work on his plan.

The sound of the doorbell halted his steps and he made for the door.

‘Who’s there?’ He asked.

‘A mail for the house, a man responded.

He opened the door and the uniformed mailman thrusted two envelopes towards him.

‘Please sign’

‘Why couldn’t you leave it in the box’? Nathan peered outside.

‘Because it is filled, thanks’ the man replied and rode away.

 Nathan shut the door some agression.

‘What is that’? Silas observed he held two envelopes.

‘I don’t know, so have you spoken to Greg’? Nathan dropped the envelopes on the table.

‘Yes. He would be joining us for dinner’ Silas announced.

End of Davina Diaries Fiction: Amanda Ep10. To be continued…

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