‘Mandy,still up? you need to get some sleep, you got an early start tomorrow’ her mother wheeled close to her chair. She tried to peek at what her daughter was doing.

‘I need to be like extra prepared you know; this opportunity could change a whole lot for me,for us’? Amanda sighed as she envisaged all she needed to accomplish. It was now or never for her.

‘I know honey, but you don’t need to wear yourself out a day before the interview, get some sleep, you’ve done enough reading; the woman insisted.

Amanda truly felt tired. She needed no further persuasion. ‘Ok mom,’she said.

‘Good. Now, off you go’ her mother grinned.

‘Goodnight, I love you’ she kissed her mother on her frail cheeks and trotted to her room.

‘Night Mandy’ the woman smiled as she watched her daughter. She was hopeful. It’ll be fine,she thought to herself.

‘I need sweet dreams tonight Amanda thought as she dived under her duvet. She couldn’t wait to land a job at such a prestigious company. Her eyes were wide open as she looked around her room.

Her eyes strayed to her purple dress that hung on her closet along with the nude beret that she planned to wear.

‘Beautiful’ she smiled and shut her eyes as sleep dragged her into a world of fantasies.

She found herself in a field of flowers; hydrangeas, roses, irises, Honeysuckles and Yellow bells. Everything smelt so beautiful; the azure clouds were impeccable; it snowed silver; everything was at peace in this place.

‘Where am I’? She thought aloud.

‘Here with me’ a male voice whiled

‘You’? Her face lit as she turned and faced the handsome stranger.

‘Darling, you are so beautiful’ he advanced towards her in a kingly match.

She stood there smiling; he was so handsome tonight; his deep brown eyes seduced her, called out to her and she couldn’t resist him.

‘You’re mine, forever’ he took her into his arms and caressed her golden head.

‘I love you’ she whispered and buried her head on his chest.

‘I love you too’ he whispered and then adored her lips with his kisses.

You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Amanda Ep11

He was hesitant at first; why did his father invite him over for dinner? The man never ceased to baffle him. He felt so pressured and he knew he had aged over the past few days.

‘To accept that little bastard of course’ Greg scowled.

He had tried reaching out to Morgan but it kept going to voicemail; the job interview was the scheduled for the next day, Morgan was in total control of that. He trusted him to handle all its logistics.

He had never gotten along with his half brother Nathan; he liked to think he was the reason his parent’s marriage was strained. Everything had been perfect and blissful, till thate fateful day he showed up with his mother on their doorstep.

Nathan was a self absorbed egomaniac; the last time they met, there had been a very huge fight.

Nathan had come to spend the holiday with them; but he wouldn’t keep his hands off Greg’s things. He seemed to be all over the place. They were worlds apart.

He had sneaked into Greg’s room and had mistakenly broken the vessel that held the ashes of his mother as she had been cremated; all hell was broke loose and they’d fought so hard with each other.

Greg tried to push Nathan out of his thoughts and decided to focus on what was right in front of him; he was still going to stand by what he’d said earlier: He was not getting married to Wendy or any other person for that matter.

He slipped on a blue shirt and pulled up tight fitting denim pants that clung to his toned torso and left for his car.

He knew his father was trying to punish him for having been so reckless at the party; a lesson he had learnt quite well. Now he was going to put a stop to partying altogether, he needed to focus on taking Beecroft to its next level.

He drove out with determination written on his face.

It took him thirty minutes to arrive his father’s mansion.

‘Devil’s den’ he cursed and stepped down from the car. Yes, his father was a devil for trying to manipulate his life; he was a bird and nothing could cage him.

‘Greg! You came’ Silas rose to welcome him. For a moment he seemed pleased to see his older son.

‘Yes father, I came.’ Greg drew a chair and settled close to the table.

The table had been set and assorted dishes graced it; but he wasn’t in the mood to neither dine nor wine; he knew his father had called him for something important.

‘Good evening big brother, remember me?’ Nathan sauntered into the dining room.

‘No, clearly I have amnesia’ Greg growled.

‘Hey boys! No time for all this, this is the first time in a long while that we would be dining as a happy family, let’s not ruin it’ Silas gave a warning to his sons.

‘So, how have you been little bro?’ Greg stared at the green eyed monster that had made him lose most of what was left of his mother.

‘Awesome!. You never cared to check up on me; it’s been a long time Greg’ Nathan poured himself a drink.

‘Considering what you did the last time, you’re the last person that I wanted to see’ Greg replied.

His father gave him a stern look but he ignored it.

‘So what now? You’re back in town for’? Greg asked.

‘Beecroft. I’ll be working there’ Nathan replied confidently.

‘Well, I am the boss , I’ll think about it’ Greg’s voice dropped low and became deadly.

Nathan sensed his brother was threatening him, but he wasn’t perturbed, Beecroft was also his’.

‘Before you guys cut your throats out, I have good news for you Greg’ Silas fetched a document from an envelope and offered it to him.

‘What’s that’? Greg took it without looking, his throat was patched, and he needed some wine.

‘Microsoft wants us to send over six of our workers for intensive training, sign here, to affirm’ Silas handed him a pen.

‘Wow, that’s great news’ Greg was filled with joy at this, his plans of taking Beecroft to a higher level was gradually coming to life.

‘There, done and dusted’ he placed his signature and returned the papers to his dad.

‘Congratulations Mr. Greg’ Nathan raised a glass and chuckled softly.

‘Thanks’ Greg replied, he failed to note the mocking glare in his brother’s eyes.

‘So, what date would your wedding take place’? Silas grinned.

‘What wedding? I told you already, I am not getting married’ Greg’s appetite fled.

‘Of course you are getting married before your thirty first birthday else I give the company over to Nathan’ Silas replied.

‘What nonsense! You cannot force me nor threaten me’ Greg decided this dinner was over.

‘You’re right, I cannot force or threaten you because you already agreed to it’ Silas exhaled.

‘What are you talking about’? Greg’s jaw tightened.

‘Here, you signed the papers’ Silas offered him the documents; his face paled as he took time to read the words that were written on it.

 His head swirled in a confusing maze; his heart raced; his legs felt weak as he realized that he had just been played.

End of Davina Diaries Fiction: Amanda Ep11. To be continued…

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  1. The way the father is forcing him to marry Wendy, are you sure is because of her parent’s share in that company, or is there any other thing? Probably! In fact, let me reserve my comment first.. Am suspecting that his oko MAN..


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