New mums usually stress over stuff that is more often than not completely unwarranted.

The problem is that we’ve allowed certain myths to form part of our mothering psyche, blurring the lines between common sense, public opinion and scientific reality.

So rather than panic over whether or not sleep training will cause irreparable psychological detachment trauma, or if your baby will break out in hives if you do or don’t pre-wash every item of newborn clothing, rather direct some of your paranoia into the areas where it is actually a matter of life or death.

Myth 1: Babies must sleep on their sides, otherwise they’ll choke on their own vomit

Babies must sleep on their backs. Not their tummies. And not on their sides.

Off all the myths out there, I think this is perhaps the single most widespread misconception amongst new mums. And not only is it factually incorrect, it is also potentially very dangerous.

Babies placed to sleep on their sides or stomachs are at an increased risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Back sleeping is the only position that carries the lowest risk. A healthy baby will instinctively swallow or cough up fluids.

Myth 2: Vaccines have been linked to autism

The anti-vaccination cult has done more damage than vaccines ever could. Thanks to one fraudulent article, we’re seeing outbreaks of some of the most dangerous previously preventable diseases. The doctor responsible for the autism-vaccine hypothesis has since lost his medical license.


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