You must have read and seen different beauty rules that have now become a written norm in your mind. This is not to break completely the beauty rules, but a mild breaking of beauty chains, because nobody should tell women what to do.

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Here are 3 beauty rules that you need to readjust:

1. Mascara is only for your eyes

We all know that mascara can be applied to your bottom lashes as well as your top ones, not only is it on-trend, it’s eye-opening enough to flatter everyone.

Mascara can also be used to cover grey hairs, and, because it’s a waxy substance, it actually holds your hair into place. It is used on hair for emergency use only.

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2. Lock in your moisturiser

Beauty lore states that cream must be applied immediately after exiting the shower or bath to ‘lock in’ moisture. A far better alternative is to apply moisturiser seconds before you hop in the shower or bath. And that way, when you shave, you have a built-in lubricant.

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3. Apply concealer on top of your foundation

Apparently, you’re meant to always apply concealer on top of your foundation and make it a shade lighter. But it’s perfectly acceptable to apply your concealer underneath your tinted moisturiser. You don’t even have to make it a shade lighter.



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