I know i have been bringing goodies for the ladies. Now its time for men. Every man is sure to have a pair of suit or maybe three in his wardrobe in the typical go-to colours – Charcoal/black, grey and navy blue but what is fashion without experimenting? Now my friend is the time to consider something a little fresher and edgier.

Allow me broaden your sartorial horizon by showing you how to wear some more alternative colours, which are sure to have you standing out and feeling like that dapper fashionista that you are.

The White Suit

White suit

I can’t think of anything white that is a bad idea and this is not about to be an exception. The white suit has made its way to the fore this season. This is an appropriate choice for that stylish laid back look. You can simply rock a White T shirt or a polo shirt underneath the jacket,  pair with slip-ons or white trainers to further compliment your look.

The Red suit

Red suit 1

Now someone reading is saying what?!? Me? Red pair of suit? Not happening. Well never say never or before you put it in your list of “never gonna try”, maybe you should read what I have to say first. This colour is for the super stylish and confident men. If done correctly,  it could turn out to be one of your most memorable fashion moments. It is tricky but you can pull it off. Make sure the fit is perfect. You don’t want to be looking like a pint of blood on human legs and it would not look right if super tight too. Make sure it is not too bright and the fabric is not looking cheap.

Finish the look with black shoes,  crisp white shirt,  subtle patterned or plain black tie and there you have it.


The Green Suit

Green suit 2_resized
I know some of you are cringing with the thoughts of “Green is just unconventional for tailoring” I know but the question is what shade of green am I suggesting?  I would advise you opt for a deep leafy tone and ignore the bright apple shade. This would ensure you stay refined and not looking like a character at a 3 year old party.

Keep everything else classic. Do not over do it. Stick to black or tan shoes, a crisp white shirt, a subtly patterned or plain tie and complementary pocket square. With all these in mind, it is safe to say you are well equipped for a gentleman take over.

Green suit 1_resized

You only live once so dare to thread new fashion territories.


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