Are you having a bloated stomach due to what you ate? Regardless of the cause, we could all use a little help beating the bloat from time to time. Just 10 to 15 minutes of practicing yoga can relieve your digestive discomfort.

These simple 6 moves have a combination of twists, core work, and forward folds that will wring out your intestines and increase blood flow to the bowels.

  1. CAT/COW
3 Yoga poses for bloated stomach
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Cat/cow pose will help you stretch out your abdomen after all this twisting and core work. Come to all fours. Place your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. Exhale, press into your hands, and dome your upper back so that it’s the shape of a Halloween cat. Inhale, and draw your breastbone forward through the gates of your arms. Move through cat and cow with your breath. Let the movement of your pelvis be the result of moving your upper back or thoracic spine. Continue to move to the pace of your breath for 10 to 15 inhales and exhales.

3 Yoga poses for bloated stomach
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Forward folds are soothing and pacifying in nature—try this twist to tame your tummy pain. Place two blocks on the lowest height underneath of your hands at shoulder-distance apart. Sit back into child’s pose and lower your hips toward your heels. Reach your arms forward and lengthen both sides of your waist. Crawl both of your hands toward your left knee and place your head on a block, so you don’t break the line of your neck. If your right hip is peeling away from your right heel—most likely, it is—sink more weight into your right hip. Breath for 10 to 15 breaths, then crawl your hands forward through the center and switch sides.

3 Yoga poses for bloated stomach
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Twists are great for digestion because they increase blood flow and circulation. Start in half-apanasana, with your right knee in towards your chest and your left leg extended, then roll toward the left. Place your left hand on top of your right knee to gently encourage your knee to lengthen away from your right hip, and extend your right arm out to the side at shoulder height. Turn your gaze towards your right hand. (If your neck is sensitive, gaze straight up at the ceiling.) Hold for 10 breaths and draw both of your knees back to center.



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