Some people battle with stress by the day. It is best to put plans in place as to how to deal with it, depending on your personality and preferences. Some people listen to cool music… it’s nice, but one of the most effective stress relievers is exercise.

Having a few simple, easy, stress-relieving exercises in your holster can make your day go by a lot easier.

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Here are 4 simple exercises you can try out:

1. Walking

One of the simple ways to get off the stress is to walk as often as you need. It can also be a great way to reset your mind and get some fresh air. Walking gets your blood pumping, endorphins rushing and warding off fatigue while energizing your body.

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2. Yoga

You don’t need to go for a full yoga routine in order to get the benefits, some simple yoga moves will do. Yoga has been shown to have a slew of health benefits, although many men have been slow or reluctant to even give it a shot. The benefit of yoga includes losing weight, pain relieving and of course, it deals with stress.

3. Neck rolls

If you don’t have the option of getting up from your desk or from your workstation, you’ll simply have to make do with the limited space available. Try doing some neck rolls. All you need to do is roll your head from side to side, and around in a circle. This simple method will help stretch out your neck and relieve you of the tension.

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4. Hitting the punching bag

This may not be quite as peaceful and relaxing as the other exercises listed, but sometimes. Punching something may just be the ultimate stress reliever as weird as it sounds you may think.



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