After wearing your cloth once, it might begin to smell funny, especially if you are the sweaty type. So wearing it a second time might be a little difficult as no one wants to go out smelling like yesterday. However, you don’t have to smell like yesterday. So if you forgot to wash the one t-shirt you really wanted to wear that day, these few tips will help you get rid of the smell and get you smelling fresh like a new day.

  1. Vodka
4 Ways to get rid of odour in your clothes without washing them
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The stench on your clothes is caused by bacteria that can be killed by vodka. So if you have any cheap vodka around the house, mix with some water in a spray bottle until the contents are at least 70 percent vodka and 30 percent water. Spray on the stinky area in question and let it dry. The stench on the cloth and the smell of the vodka will be gone.

  1. The Freezer
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The freezer is also a great way to remove odours from clothes, especially jeans. Cold also kills the bacteria that causes our clothes to smell. So leaving that cloth you urgently want to wear in the freezer for a while can help get rid of the smell.

3. Baking Soda

baking soda is known for its listless benefits and getting rid of odour is one of them. To get the smell off your cloth, you can put baking soda in a coffee filter or other porous material and stick them on your smelly clothes. The smell will be gone in no time.

4. The Sun

4 Ways to get rid of odour in your clothes without washing them

We really underestimate the power of fresh air and sunlight. Yes, sunlight can get rid of odours; I’ve tried this once before and it worked like magic. Just leave your smelly cloth in the sun for a while and the smell will reduce to the bearest minimum.



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