Pregnancy isn’t the time to stop exercising though some women are afraid of the potential side effects of too much effort. While it’s true that you should definitely watch out for overworking and putting too much strain through your body via fitness, you shouldn’t stop exercising altogether. Research has proven that exercising during pregnancy improves the mood, the fitness levels and can even make your delivery easier when the time comes, not to mention that it will be easier to get back in shape after having your baby.

Without further ado, this is the best fitness routine and exercise ideas to try during pregnancy.

1. Using the exercise ball

Young pregnant woman sitting on fitness ballAn exercise ball is a hugely fun and inexpensive way to exercise, and if you’re a fitness fan then the chances are for you to already own one since before you were expecting a baby. Just exercise as you normally would (or as the package of your fitness ball indicates), being careful not to put too much direct pressure on your belly.

2. Light gym training


Going to the gym is also allowed and even highly encouraged during pregnancy, with the same precaution of avoiding any direct pressure or light hits to your belly. Also, whenever you feel any kind of discomfort in your lower abdomen, take a break, sit down, and so on.

3. Stretching


Light stretching is also a type of exercise that doesn’t pose any risk during pregnancy, and which can even provide numerous benefits for when you will give birth (improving the mobility of your spine, helping your body manage pain and so on).

4. Running


Cardio exercise is a wonderful treat for your body and for your baby as well, since it stimulates blood flow and helps you manage effort better as well. As long as you keep the rhythm to a comfortable level and don’t push yourself too much, there’s no reason to give it up.

5. Exercise with light weights

Pregnant woman holds a dumbell

A weight of 1 kg (approx. 2 pounds) for each hand is more than acceptable even during pregnancy and poses no health risk whatsoever.


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