Your feet take the weight of your whole body and go through a lot of wear and tear, making them susceptible to injury, fatigue and infections.

Neglecting your feet can lead to unnecessary pain and other foot problemsHence, you must make an effort to keep your feet in tip-top shape and health. If well cared for, they will even reduce the risk of many of the foot problems that can quickly lead to discomfort and difficulty walking.

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Here are the top 5-foot care tips that you must follow:

1. Wash Your Feet Regularly

Feet tend to get dirtier and sweatier than other parts of the body, so it’s important to wash them regularly.

Make it a habit to wash your feet twice daily, at the beginning and the end of the day. Use a mild soap or antiseptic soap and lukewarm water to get rid of sweat, dirt and bacteria that might be present on your feet.

Use lukewarm water, as hot water, will strip away your skin’s natural oils.

2. Exfoliate Twice Weekly

The skin on your feet is thicker, so it is essential to remove dead skin with exfoliation to keep your feet soft and smooth.

Regular exfoliation also reduces the risk of developing corns or calluses. If you have corns or calluses, get them treated by a doctor.

Use a foot scrubber or pumice stone to get rid of dead skin cells. You can even make a homemade foot scrub by mixing sugar or salt with baby oil to make a thick paste. Apply the paste all over your feet, then massage in circular motions for 5 minutes.

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3. Keep Your Feet Moisturised

When applying a moisturiser, make sure to rub it all over the top and bottom of your feet, including your toes. Before going to bed, make it a habit of applying some foot cream on your feet and massage gently using circular motions for about 10 minutes.

4. Massage Daily

Regular foot massages are one of the easiest ways to keep your feet healthy and free from all kinds of foot problems.  Daily massage helps to improve blood circulation to your legs, promotes sound sleep, Make your ankles strong and flexible.

5. Wear Well-Fitting Shoes

Whether you are on your feet most of the time or sit at a desk at work, you should always wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes. They will help you to work without discomfort and will not restrict the movement of your feet in any way.



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