It’s Saturday morning. Time to catch up on your fitness exercise routine…the one you managed to dodge all week! #wink. If you’re in the mood for some intense cardio that goes well with running, I have just the exercises you have been looking for. Check out my favorite 5 moves in the list below!

1. Hand Weight Pumping

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An awesome cardio exercise that you can actually carry out while you are running involves using hand weights. Depending to your strength and resistance, choose a pair of hand weights that fit your needs the best and work them while you run. You can start off with smaller weights and work your way up to heavier ones as you progress.

2. Run, Rest, Repeat


Sometimes constantly running without taking any breaks won’t help you boost your cardio workout. In fact, it might even increase the risk of injury, so you should really take this tip into consideration. According to your pace per mile, try sessions of running, then walking and taking it from the top again.

3. Stairs


Running up and down stairs is more challenging than you think. If you truly want to enjoy a worthwhile cardio exercise that goes well with running, find some long flights of stairs in your neighborhood and use them to push your limits.

4. Jumping Rope


One of your favorite childhood games also serves as an excellent cardio exercise. Jumping rope with put all of your muscle groups to work amazingly; all you have to do is bring your rope with you when going out running and challenge your body to jumping while running at the same time.

5. Pyramids


This is a cardio exercise that is well-known and appreciated by fitness experts. Run for small distances and build your way up to a peak (hence “pyramids”), afterwards slowly “climbing” down. For example, begin with a 300m interval, continue with 500m, 700m, and then go back to 500m and 300m.


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