Whether you tend to follow the trends or prefer to set them yourself, not all clothing is created equal when it comes to its impact on your health. While different items may make you feel stylish, sophisticated, and sexy, it’s important to pay attention to the various health risks that are associated with certain types of clothing, no matter how much of a fashion risk-taker you may be. In order to look and feel your best, it’s best to size up the potential health hazards before trying some of the following items on for size.

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High heels

Heels put unnecessary pressure on your spine, back, and knees, and constantly wearing heels can take a major toll on the muscles in your calves. Further, the higher your heel, the more unnecessary force and weight is being placed on the balls of your feet, as they’re literally left carrying the brunt of your body mass. There are also the added risks of tripping, falling, and rolling your ankles when you’re wearing heels, and sometimes these little missteps and tumbles can have dire consequences.

Thong underwear

Photo credit: thelist.com
Photo credit: thelist.com

If you’re someone who’s prone to UTIs or other infections, wearing a thong can make the recovery process more difficult. Additionally, depending upon your activity level, the back part of your thong can have a tendency to slide forward and transfer bacteria to your vagina. If that’s not alarming enough, wearing thongs has also been associated with the development of hemorrhoids. So if you’re looking for underwear that works for you and not against you, full-coverage underwear has got you covered in every respect.

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Pointy-toe shoes

This type of shoe can cause swelling of the toes as well as a neuroma, which is a pinching of the nerve between the toes, typically between digits number three and four. In order to avoid this kind of painful toe trauma and keep your toes in tip-top shape, it’s best to avoid pointy-toe shoes altogether and select a shoe with a larger and more forgiving toe box. Get the point?

Skinny jeans

To begin with, the sheer tightness of skinny jeans can cause numbness and tingling in your legs, and their tautness around your waist has even been linked to acid reflux. To make matters worse, there have been known cases of skinny jeans exacerbating a condition called compartment syndrome, which is caused by the buildup of pressure from the swelling of body tissues. Now that you have the skinny on skinny jeans, maybe you’ll rather put on a looser pair that are more comfortable and healthier.


Photo credit: thelist.com
Photo credit: thelist.com

Not simply reserved for pristine beaches or gym showers, flip-flops are a top shoe choice for countless women. While the fact that flip-flops can be put on and off with ease may be appealing, the health risks associated with flip-flops are incredibly off-putting. Firstly, your feet are entirely exposed, and that leaves them completely vulnerable to dropped and falling objects, getting stepped on or rolled over, as well as the possibility of smashing or hitting your feet on whatever’s around you. Further, this exposure can also make your feet more susceptible to developing various types of skin cancer. Next, the sheer design of the flip-flop tends to provide minimal foot support due to the thinness of the soles, and you may find yourself walking differently in flip-flops, which can create problems for your entire body.



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