Women take all the time in the world to look good… that’s because they care a lot about their appearance. However, if you take all the time in the world but don’t avoid these mistakes, your effort to slay will be futile:

The wrong bra size

You may not realise it, but adorning the wrong size of bra is not chic. Hence, if you are shopping in Lagos for bras, ensure that you get the appropriate size. Also, be certain to find the right band and cup size.

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Too tight or too loose

The best dress anyone can wear must be fitted. You won’t be worried about your cloth giving way which can be quite embarrassing or it being too big.

Wearing dull colours

Try to avoid wearing black, grey or pale coloured dresses. Definitely, dull coloured clothes make your look very boring and give the appearance and impression that you are really exhausted and tired.

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Choosing the wrong shoes

If you want your entire appearance to blend perfectly, you should wear the correct footwear for the right occasions Really, your outfit deserves an awesome pair of shoes. Wearing flip-flops or running shoes with everyday clothing can make you look mature while stilettoes can make you appear younger. However, before you wear any shoe, consider comfort. If you can’t wear heels, please avoid it.

Staying neutral

You may not fancy makeup but leaving your face neutral can age you or make you appear less stylish. You can use a bit of powder or lipstick just to pump up your face. But do not go overboard with your makeup,




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