Trends come and go.  That’s why we call them trends right? Oh well, opposite is the case with these awesome trends I am about to reveal to you. They have  come and have stayed season after season.

They have proven to have profound staying power in the fashion scene. Not only do they make you look fabulous,  they are dependable. You can call them “investment pieces” cause they would remain relevant in your closet for a long time. So let’s get to it and make sure you thank me later.

LBD Liberation

5 Fashion Trends You Should Totally Invest In
The LBD aka The Little Black Dress
The L. B. D has been around since 1926 and we all have Coco Chanel to thank for creating such timeless phenomenon that can transform our look from work, to time out with our friends, reunion and that date with our special one. Though “The little black dress” has evolved over the years but it has maintained its class and sophistication. It gives you all the room to experiment. Any figure, skin tone, height can rock a little black dress.

Better than the wild

Animal prints
5 Fashion Trends You Should Totally Invest In
For those who are not already familiar with this trend, animal print is a fashion style that is made to resemble the skin pattern of an animal such as leopard, tiger, zebra etc. The most popular however,  is the leopard skin. Animal print has become a timeless and popular trend in clothing. It’s been extending to other fields like shoes, home decoration, accessories etc aswel. With the Animal skin,  there is something for everyone. Both male and female can totally rock this trend. What a great way to add fun to your wardrobe.

Denim season… endless!

Denim trousers
I can’t even think of the fashion world without denim trousers. Can you?  This trend has stood the test of time and I doubt if it’s leaving the fashion scene in centuries to come. It keeps evolving to get better and more stylish but it’s not going anywhere. Why you need a pair of denim trousers?  It’s versatile, comfortable and flows with any and everything, however you need to get the Right fit for the flattering finish (Right fit is a topic for another day. Lol).

Monochrome invasion


What can be better than having the elegance of Black and the splendor of white all in one piece or outfit? Nothing! Right? Thats why the monochrome is a real blessing to fashion. We get to have full access to such perfection and the good part is the trend lasts forever. Well maybe not forever but its been here and there is no sign its leaving anytime soon. Incase you are still wondering what I am talking about? Urgh!! Monochrome is the infusion of Black and White. Sounds fun? The fun heightens when you try it out.

White Tee

white shirt1
I certainly don’t need to tell you that a white T-shirt is a constant wardrobe essential. It’s convenient and super versatile. From your moment at the gym, inner wear for your blazer to throwing it on a pair of jeans for that chic look. It’s just the perfect “transition” item. Are you still thinking about it? Honey make sure you keep that White Tee


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