5 Helpful technologies to improve your health and fitness


Staying fit and healthy is a priority for most of us. However, a life filled with work, family, and friends can make it really difficult.

Luckily technology is here to offer some ways to improve and maintain a healthy and fit life.

When it comes to being in optimum health there is no shortcuts and no measures too big that they are not worth taking. Luckily, these options are fun and easy!

1. Calorie Counter Apps

7 of The Best and Latest Technologies to Improve Your Health And Fitness

A calorie is a unit of energy. Historically, scientists have defined “calorie” to mean a unit of energy or heat that could come from a variety of sources, such as coal or gas.

When thinking about nutrition, all food, no matter whether its fats, proteins or carbohydrates contains calories. We need a certain number and combination of these calories to live and function.

If you are training, either to lose weight or gain mass, understanding how you fuel your body is key. A calorie counting app can really help you monitor your daily food needs and ensure you are eating a balanced diet that will help you reach your fitness goal.

2. Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors can help you reach your fitness goals

Whether you want to train for a marathon or just get active to lose weight or get more energy, it’s important to understand how your body responds to physical activity. The best way to gauge the effectiveness of your workout is to monitor your heart rate.

Your heart rate is the amount of times your heart beats per minute. Having a low resting heart rate generally means you have a strong heart that can pump the adequate amount of blood through your body with minimal effort.

Your maximum heart rate is the fastest your heart can safely beat. Getting an accurate number requires specialized testing labs, but you can get a rough idea by subtracting your age from 220.

3. Sleep Monitors

7 of The Best and Latest Technologies to Improve Your Health And Fitness

While it might sound silly, getting a good night’s sleep is the foundation for a healthy and happy life. For many of us watching just one more episode of our favourite tv show, or scrolling through Instagram before bed means we aren’t getting enough hours with our eyes closed.

On top of that, we may have disrupted sleep due to poor sleep posture, snoring or other issues. Using a sleep app like in combination with a fitness tracker will help you realize what is going on when you decide to go to bed.

Take some time to research what will be the best way to measure your sleep for you.  Some hardware like Fitbit requires you sleep with your band on – uncomfortable for some.  Others like mobile apps even have recording functions so you can finally believe you have a snoring problem.

Understanding actually how many hours you are getting and then working out what is optimal for you can be life-changing. Data helps makes good decisions. So get the down-low on your sleep patterns and start to make changes to get a better rest.

4. Smart Ropes

7 of The Best and Latest Technologies to Improve Your Health And Fitness

Jump ropes have been around for years, but this simple toy isn’t just for kids. Jumping rope or skipping has been proven to be a great way to get aerobically fit while staying pretty much in the same spot.

The humble jump rope has been redesigned for the 21st century thanks to Smart Rope. This high tech piece of sports equipment not only counts your workout it provides with up to date calorie information.

Simply download the app, connect your rope to your phone and start your workout. The LED-embedded jump rope displays your fitness data in mid-air, as you work out.

5. Body Mass Index Measurers

7 of The Best and Latest Technologies to Improve Your Health And Fitness

Getting fit and healthy is a priority for almost everyone. But understanding your own body is surprisingly complex with much more to know than just overall body weight.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on your weight in relation to your height and applies to most adult men and women aged 20 and over. Your BMI is a much better indicator of your health-related to your weight than just your total weight.

Measuring your BMI can be expensive requiring dedicated sessions with high tech machines located in gyms or health centres. However, several companies have developed portable BMI devices that you can use at home to monitor your bodies changes as you get fitter.

RIDM and Skulpt are too leading brands of these brilliant gadgets. Both are handheld held devices that use electro frequencies to measure BMI and send the information to your smartphone.

If you are serious about losing weight or bulking up, knowing and monitoring your BMI will et you to your goals faster.


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