5 Helpful workplace productivity tools


We’ve all dreamt it… envisaged ourselves working as part of a utopian community. A workforce of robots taking care of the small things for us, the menial tasks and the boring stuff that just gets in the way. Only it doesn’t just ‘get in the way’ does it? Often the processes and administrative tasks at work are the very basis for business success – so if we can’t ignore them, what can we do?

Fear not – we’ve created a top 5 list of workplace productivity tools to make you more efficient and ultimately help you get more out of your working day.

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Pocket is a brilliant ‘save now, read later’ tool, allowing you to absorb articles, videos and pretty much anything on the web like a sponge in a highly efficient manner. Say goodbye to your days of being easily distracted, Pocket allows you to take care of the task at hand and then read away to your heart’s content when you have some free headspace.

Google Alerts

Interested in a particular topic and worried about falling behind on the latest trends? Google Alerts are the perfect way to stay on top of developments in your industry, only you won’t have to spend hours looking for the news yourself.

Turn off your emails

Does this strike fear into your very being? It shouldn’t. After all, if you get into work and read your emails straight away then you are instantly switching your focus from the main tasks you need to pay most attention to that day while putting yourself into fire-fighting mode. Your main tasks suffer, as a result, you’ll get more stressed out and believe it or not, your IQ will actually get lower in the process!

Skype Messenger

Using Skype Messenger in the workplace can help you and your colleagues to be more efficient with inter-company communications. An email requires a certain level of formal structuring and thought while going up to a colleague to ask them a question takes time and means interrupting both what you and they are doing. Using Skype Messenger caters for quick-fire responses to those little questions that usually require a yes or no answer. Oh did we mention you can use Skype’s voice calls for cheaper conference calls as well? Yep. It does that too.

Audio record your meetings with your mobile phone

Pen and paper are so passé – who really has time to write these days anyway? OK, kidding with that one, the death of pen and paper would be a tragedy, but there’s no reason why a little tech can’t help you focus on the task at hand.

Most smartphones have an audio record function, allowing you to effortlessly take on board every single word that is said in a meeting, saving huge amounts of time later by negating the need to ask time-wasting questions such as “oh, remind me what we said in that meeting?”. Let the tech do the listening for you, allowing you to offer little gems of insight that add real value in a meeting situation, instead of frantically scribbling down notes that may well make no sense in a week’s time.



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