running _injuryRunning is one of the most fun and effective ways of staying in shape, and considering how cheap it is too (there’s no one stopping you from running outside all you want, every day), then there’s really no wonder that so many people are fans of this fitness method (myself inclusive). All you need to do is put on a comfortable pair of shoes and one of your fitness outfits (nothing fancy is required, leggings are just as good for running as sweat pants are) and then get to it: the horizon’s the limit!

The only problem is this familiar scenario is that sometimes injuries can occur if we’re not careful. To avoid taking care of a painful gash or strain for a few days after an incident, this is what you need to know. These are the most common running injuries you can get and this is how to prevent them:

1. Knee wound
running _injuryThe most common consequence of falls and slips, it isn’t dangerous but it can hurt a lot until it heals. If you already fell and you’re dealing with a knee would, then stop running for a few days and avoid touching the area too much, to give it the space needed to heal. Ice packs help too. And for the future, consider wearing some knee protectors while running, or learn to fall on the palms of your hands (wearing fingerless gloves).

2. Bruised elbow
running _injuryThe other type of injury you can get from falling is a nasty elbow bruise, if you fall with your elbow towards the ground. The same healing and preventative measures as above apply.

3. Strained ankle
running _injuryThis type of injury can be slightly more dangerous than the ones above, and the only way to prevent it is to wear high ankle trainers (that hold the ankle better in place) or at least something with an appropriate running sole. If the injury occurred, use plenty of ice packs, limit walking and even see a doctor if the pain will not subdue.

4. Plantar Fasciitis (Heel pain)
running _injuryThis type of sharp pain in the heel occurs often in runners, and the only way to prevent it is by relaxations and massage.

5. Stress fracture
running _injuryA microscopic bone fracture sometimes can happen after you put your body through a lot of effort. Make sure you take mineral supplements and see a doctor if you feel any pain in your leg for no apparent reason.



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