Taking his/her first steps is one of the milestones every parent would love to see in their newborn, so get your cameras ready as we bring you 5 ways to help your baby take his/her first step:

1. Lend a hand

As your baby learns to stand, he/she might need a little help sitting down again. When he/she gets stuck and starts crying, avoid picking him/her up and sitting him down on his/her bottom. Rather show him/her how to sit down by bending his knees so he/her can sit without losing his/her balance.

2. Step by step

Encourage your little one to walk by standing or kneeling in front of him/her and holding both his hands. This will give him/her the confidence to walk towards you.

3. Playtime

Toys with wheels, such as a mini pram or toddler truck, are best when it comes to helping him/her walk. He/she can hold onto the toy and the push forward will help with walking. Avoid buying a walking ring as it can tip over.

4. The right gear

The right nappies are an essential part of your baby’s movement milestones. You don’t want to put your baby in nappies that restrict movement and hinder your little explorer from moving to his/her full potential. The new soft and stretchy breathable waistband in Huggies® Nappy-Pants provides a close, comfy fit for active babies.

5. Barefoot baby

Being barefoot helps improve balance and coordination. While your baby is learning to walk, keep his shoes off as much as possible. You can hold off on buying shoes until he/she is walking around outside or on cold or rough surfaces.



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