Are you completely baffled by the fact that guys never ask you out or even seem attracted to you? You are probably starting to wonder at this point what is wrong with you. Your insecurities completely get the best of you, and you beat yourself up inside.

You start thinking you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or even funny. Well enough of that nonsense!

What if we told you it has nothing to do with your looks. Would you believe us? Well, you should. Because the truth is, it’s not YOU.

Well, sort of. But truth be told, it’s actually what you are DOING that is turning him away.

Here are 5 things you need to seriously re-examine if you want to change the way guys see you:

  1. You are in love with your screen.

When you are too busy texting away, you’re definitely not available to make eye contact with a guy who’s looking at you across the room.

A guy will need to connect with you eye-to-eye before he even approaches you. It’s a natural way for him to see if you are his type and if there are potential interest and attraction.

When scrolling on your screen, he’s bound to think you’re not having fun or don’t want to be bothered.

This is the kind of vibe you don’t want to give off if you want him to say hello.

  1. You’re sending out some serious negative energy.

Your aura beams out of your body the second you enter a room. Your energy alone can make or break whether a guy wants to say hello.

When you don’t let your energy shine, it really can affect your mood, making you seem utterly unattractive.

A guy loves when you have an undefinable mysterious energy about you. It makes him inquisitive about every move you make as he gazes at you across the room.

  1. You dress overly provocative and wear a pound of makeup.

It’s one thing to dress feminine, and another when you are showing too much skin or hiding behind a mask.

This kind of attire screams “insecurity” and makes a man believe you are uncomfortable with who you are as a woman.

When you’re flirting more with your body than with your mind, you’re sending him the wrong message.

This is an immediate red flag that shows him you are not worthy of his respect.

  1. You’re always hanging with boys.

Do you have a group of guy friends you love hanging out with?

They make you laugh your ass off and you always know you’re in for a great time. And we get it, you love being with the guys because it’s quite an adventure.

However, they may be cock-blocking you. Not on purpose, but guys are less likely to approach you when you are hanging out with your boys.

Guys immediately think you’re off-limits because you are surrounded by a personal army.

  1. You act like you’re high maintenance.

If you’re the kind of woman who has a princess-like attitude, you might find yourself single for a long time.

Guys literally run the opposite direction when a woman has “high maintenance” written across her forehead.

If you make it challenging and nearly impossible to court you, he will feel like he has failed before he even tries.

This will turn him off so fast!




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