God created men and women differently, this is why what matters to men might not matter to women and what women hold dear might mean nothing to men. It’s totally natural.

For this reason, today, we will be evaluating what men really want but most women have no idea of. This way, you can grow a better and healthier relationship.

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  1. Men want to be respected
    All men want to be respected in public and even in private. They excel when they know you trust and admire them. They want respect more than love. If you respect them, they will respect you, and will try to maintain that respect. Men would rather withstand loss of loving feelings from their partners than to lose their respect.
  2. They are insecure
    Men are sensitive when it comes to their role in life, whether at work or at home as a father and husband. They are internally secretly vulnerable, which they will rarely admit. A woman should acknowledge her husband’s role which makes him more confident and secure. If you stop giving him affirmation he is likely to seek it somewhere else.
  3. You don’t need to look perfect
    It’s not necessary to always look like an actress or model, men like it simple and natural. If he loves you he is going to love at your worst. You don’t need to change your personality and looks to please him. Be yourself and he will appreciate you and your inner beauty.
  4. Men need space too
    If your man is asking for some space don’t take it personally, he actually just needs space, it doesn’t have anything to do with you or your relationship. Taking time for yourself to do your own thing is healthy, you should enjoy some alone time too.
  5. Love-making is more than physical contact
    If you want more frequent love contact from your guy it will boost his confidence and performance in all aspects of life. If you maintain physical and emotional distance he is likely to feel rejected and insecure. Closeness is an important factor in a relationship. The most important thing about love-making is if are compatible.



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