Marriage is an institution where you have to choose your course wisely. The last set of people you want to consider saying ‘I do’ to are those who seem perfect but always have an excuse every time they are invited to meet your friends and family. Or are just too busy to be there when need be.

Basically, who you decide to marry will determine what the rest of your life will look like, which is why you need to choose properly before considering walking down the aisle. According to relationship experts, here are nine types of people you should never consider marrying.

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  1. The selfish

Is he generous with his compliments? Does she listen to you when you’re having a rough day? Being selfish isn’t just limited to money; a good partner will be interested in hearing how your day was and all that you did. But, if all your partner wants to do is talk continuously about his or her self, it simply means they do not care about your emotion. So… what are you waiting for? Please take a bow.

  1. The inconsistent

Yeah! You might have the chemistry and the undeniable affection, but, the truth is… you do not need an uncommitted partner who just walks in and out of your life. They might be dealing with personal issues and all, but those who want to be with you will adjust over time. Those who do not deserve you will never make an attempt. So don’t be fooled. You deserve way better than a lukewarm boo.

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  1. The proud

With a proud partner, it’s always “my way or the highway.”  These type of people do not admit when they are wrong. They are quick to anger and have a ready fist waiting to punch you when you object. Imagine being hurt and wanting support, but not being able to count on your partner, because they will never be there for you. They are just too proud to get emotional.

4. The desperate

Do not come desperate and never settle for a desperate partner. If after few dates, your partner has started talking about the names she has gotten for all your kids and the schools they will attend… there’s no better way to say this… please run! It is very important you take your time when choosing a life partner. Bear in mind no sound decision is ever made in desperation. The last thing you want is to discover along the line that your spouse has secrets you can never come to terms with.

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5. The critic

With a critic, you can never feel secure. You watch your words, steps and even how you look. Because to them, all you do is never good enough. At first, it might come across as nothing, but think about it… do you want to spend the rest of your life watching your back? Sure… that’s what I thought.




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