Who is a lady? And how should a lady act? Ladies are women that know how to carry themselves with poise and class. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the size of your purse or the attractiveness of your facial or body features! A lady is a female who is well groomed and very presentable.

It is not enough to wear fashionable clothes, know the coolest hangouts and have everything money can buy. How do you carry yourself?

Below are some habits that you carry out in public that may rub you of you ‘ladyhood’

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Ouch! This is terrible, especially when your crush or secret admirer is watching you, and in that moment where you think no one is watching, you slip a well trimmed and polished fingernail into your nostril and you begin to pick your nose. Sometimes you draw out the mucus and rub it under the table, that is very scary, unhygienic and unladylike.

Learn to clean your nostrils while bathing, and learn to go around with tissue papers or handkerchiefs so that when your nose begins to itch, you could excuse yourself and go to the ‘ladies’ and do your thing neatly. Even if you can’t go to the bathroom, make sure you always use a hanky or tissue when picking your nose!


It’s very important for a lady to be hardworking and independent, asking your man for money is okay but you shouldn’t overdo it, make good use of your hands. But asking strangers, people you just met or online friends for money isn’t cool. Why would you even do that? It paints a bad picture of you. ‘Can you send me airtime’?, ‘Can you do this or that’? it changes the way men see you, they would begin to ask for ‘other’ things too and you get insulted at the end.


LOL, when you have the urge to fart, take permission and walk away from that gathering, or if you are with your man, you can say  ‘excuse me am about to fart’(lol) and you do your thing. Don’t act like a troll or a savage wild woman, whatever you do, be it sneezing, yawning(cover your hands over your mouth) or belching, learn to say  ‘excuse me’.


Must you go with the crowd? When you are done taking your snacks or whatever you were eating, toss the cans or bags into the trash can, don’t litter, women stand for hygiene!

Stop placing your ‘over chewed’ gum underneath the table or wall, cover it with a piece of paper and throw it into the bin.


How do you chew your gum? How do you chew anything crunchy?, close your mouth while chewing gum or hard snacks to avoid distracting others with that sound. Be classy!


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