Overheating poses a serious risk for your electronic products, potentially damaging or destroying your electronics indiscriminately. Fortunately, you can lower that risk of having the heat doing so, unless, of course, you choose the obvious way of leaving your electronics in the fridge all summer long. How to cool down your phone? Here are some tips to get you started to protect your devices.

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Use It Less

Stop getting glued to your phone. Not only will the phone heats up from the processing, then ends up working overclock in the hot temperature as well, coupled with the extra warmth of your palm, you would rather put the phone down more regularly. Just leaving it while you are doing other business will give it ample time to cool itself down.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

If your phone tend to overheat even in the colder area, consider that your phone have too many things to process even during down times. This could include apps you have never used, apps that run in the background, games, ringtones, etc. Do your due diligence monthly and get rid of those apps you never touch anymore to lighten the workload.

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Turn It Off and On

This instruction is sort of becoming a running joke now, but it does work effectively for most electronics problems. Reboot your phone to have it refresh. It doesn’t take much effort and time. If your phone have too much information stored, however, it might be better to leave it on, since booting up all those information might take years and ends up eating up more power. So if you only use your phone that doesn’t have a lot of apps, rebooting can give your smartphone just enough rest it needed to come back to life.

Separate Your Electronics

Don’t stack your phones, laptop and tablets stacked up against or top of each other, especially if it’s inside your bag! The heat could end up transferring to each other, making it more difficult for the respective device to cool itself down. They end up more prone to overheating and higher risk of getting damaged.

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Take Off Phone Cover

Something that people often miss out is that the protective case for the smartphone doesn’t really work as well when it’s a hundred degrees outside. Phone cover could trap heat and make the cooling down process more difficult for your phone.



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