The thought of what couple can do to avoid divorce has led to the publication of hundreds of books, articles and several organized lectures to tackle the question. But if there were a surefire way to “divorce-proof” a marriage, we would have found it by now. The truth is, it doesn’t exist. But there are some things married couples can do to minimize their risk of divorce. Those things include:

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  1. Do your part.

There is a lot an individual can do to strengthen a marriage. So if you are concerned about your marriage, the sooner you start to turn things around within yourself, the better.

2. Talk.

Sit down and talk together about strengthening your marriage. Rather than trying to dig into deeper issues or past hurts, I’d focus on positive steps you could take as a couple to stay on the best path.

3. Boost fun and friendship.

You can keep fun and friendship alive in your marriage by following these simple advices:

1) Make time for doing enjoyable things together.

2) Protect those times from conflict.

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4. Don’t shout “fire” in a crowded theater.

I mean, don’t threaten divorce in the heat of frustrating arguments. A lot of couples say things that should not be said because they are in the heat of battle. If you do that and you want your marriage to work, stop it. You cannot nurture the desire to invest in your future if you keep reminding each other that there might not be one.

5. Hope

A few married couples almost never have any downs… only ups. But most couples with very good marriages have ups and downs. That’s normal. One of the most important things you can do to avoid divorce is to hold reasonable expectations. You didn’t marry someone who is perfect. Expect joy and strains, maddening moments and laughter.



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