A lot of people suffer trauma caused by molestation, rape, or any other sexual abuse. This article, though brief, will succinctly describe some of the things such a person can do to help them heal from sexual trauma.

Here are 5 keys to healing from sexual abuse and trauma:

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  1. Talk to people you trust.

Relationships are very important. Having loved ones or a friend or two to talk about the sexual trauma is a big part of healing. Talking gives the sexual trauma victim a chance to process the emotions and other parts of the memory but in addition, just the sense of feeling loved is very important for recovery.

  1. Confront the perpetrator.

If possible and with the appropriate support in place, confront the perpetrator, if you haven’t already. The sense of powerlessness of being a victim can transform when the person who was victimised feels the sense of empowerment of taking care of themselves when confronting the perpetrator.

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  1. Find support groups.   

There are many groups that help adults molested as children, rape victims, and other victims of sexual trauma. These can be short-term groups or ongoing groups.

  1. Get a qualified therapist to help you through this. 

A therapist who is trained in this area will help you navigate through the challenges and help you heal utilizing all the 5 points made above as well as the 7th one below.

  1. Involve your partner.

If you are in an intimate relationship, have the partner get involved in your healing. A loving, supportive, and mature partner can accelerate your healing by being a good listener; reassuring you and helping you associate touch and physical connection with positive feelings (with the help of a therapist).



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