5 Ways you destroy your attractiveness to men


Lately, I’ve noticed some deeper reasons why women struggle with attracting a good man and keeping healthy relationships going for the long-term.

Sometimes the best dating tips and advice come not only from knowing what you should do in order to get a guy to like you and fall in love with you, but also from taking a long, hard look at the biggest, most common mistakes you — and lots of smart, wonderful women just like you — make all too frequently with men.

If you see yourself on this list, don’t worry, it’s all fixable and I’ve been there too.

Here are eight sneaky mistakes women make with men:

1. You hate being single.

There is a difference between genuinely wanting to enjoy a relationship and feeling as though you’re secretly doomed if you’re not coupled up.

The problem with really wanting a relationship is that it gives off a needy vibe that guys perceive as “it doesn’t matter if she really likes ME, she just wants someone.”

This needy energy puts him in the driver’s seat and kills the opportunity to win you over with the chase.

If you’re already in a relationship, not being comfortable with your own company will cause you to settle for situations that are wrong for you because being alone is scarier than anything else.

That brings me to the next point …

2. You think a man will bring you happiness.

Relationships are not the cure-all for your happiness problem.

While romantic love is one of the most beautiful, transformative experiences there is — expecting a man to make you happy is simply unrealistic.

Knowing how to be happy with your life just the way it is already is a huge secret to attracting a good man. People are magnetically drawn to happy people.

Because people get this backwards so often, they don’t understand why they fail to attract love. You have to be happy first, then the love and relationship can come into your life.

3. You hold undercover negative beliefs about men.

Sneaky negativity about men is a huge reason why men are turned off by women who they would otherwise find really attractive.

If you’ve gotten your heart broken a few times and/or had a shaky relationship with your father, it can be difficult to trust and understand men.

This leads to the excruciating, catch-22 position of wanting to attract a good man but not really believing that it’s possible.

If you think that all men want is sex or that they can’t stay faithful, you will manifest exactly those situations!

Liking men is essential to attracting a good man and keeping him long-term. Men can sense when you don’t trust them, and it kills all attraction to you.

How do you like men when you have been hurt?

Start noticing all of the times when men do things you appreciate. Keep in mind that guys are just individuals, like members of any other group. Some are bad news and some are wonderful — like women.

Do your best to stop generalizing. It will do wonders for the quality of men you attract into your life.

4. You’re too independent.

I was raised to be capable. It took me a while to learn that “capable” doesn’t mean “don’t accept anyone’s ideas” or “you always know better” or “treat that man like he’s hired help while he hangs those shelves.”

Independence is awesome, but keep in mind that bossy is not.

As a recovering control freak, I can vouch that expecting everything to be just-so will kill a man’s attraction to you faster than you can say “put that over there.”

5. You make a man the centre of your world.

All of the great stuff that comes along with relationship is wonderful.

If you give up your dreams, hobbies, and passions to spend more time with a man, eventually you will feel the pain of losing yourself.

He will notice that your emotional world revolves around him — and this is too much responsibility for anyone.

Sooner or later, resentment will bloom and damage your relationship.

You don’t have to sell out for love, quite the opposite. Hold strong to what you really like. If there is one big, fat, major regret I have about my failed relationships, it’s the times I compromised on what I love for a love.

Never make a man your hobby, your dream or your goal.

It will hurt you in ways you can’t even imagine right now. There is nothing more attractive than the way someone’s eyes light up when they’re talking about their individual passions. Never compromise that for anyone.



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