6 Beauty Hack Ideas You Should Try


Having your make-up, hair and skin look all flawless might be a little difficult. You just don’t seem to get the perfect liner, the full lips and the faultless beach waves that are all over the internet. You’re probably wondering how on earth other women get the look right. Good news is… you can too. With these simple hacks you too can look flawless.

Kiss Fine Lines Goodbye

6 Beauty hack ideas you should try: Getting the flawless look Banish discoloration and fine lines under the eye by applying a concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Press a finely milled setting powder onto the desired area. The powder will fill in those pesky fine lines whilst the concealer brightens the area.

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Remove Stubborn Nail Varnish

6 Beauty hack ideas you should try

Stubborn nail varnish is a bother and glitter nail varnish can be even worse to remove but by applying your nail varnish to your cotton pad and wrapping foil around your nails for 10 minutes, nail varnish removal should be a breeze.

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Make Your Lips Look Bigger Without Surgery

6 Beauty hack ideas you should try

Want plumper lips? Look no further! Create the illusion of fuller lips by using a lighter lip colour in the center of your lips and a darker lip colour around the perimeter. Like highlighting and contouring but for lips.

Vaseline Is Key

6 Beauty hack ideas you should try

Vaseline is a beauty lovers dream! Insanely useful for a multitude of purposes such as helping the longevity of your perfume, apply vaseline onto perfume points before spraying, this acts likes a primer for your perfume to allow your scent to last longer. You can even use Vaseline to promote eyelash growth by applying a small amount to your eye lashes each night. Better still use Vaseline to remove any stubborn lipstick stains. It really is a wonder product!

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Get your smoky eyes right

6 Beauty hack ideas you should try

Use a piece of card and place this against your eye to help you get a sharp edge to your eye shadow and a perfect winged liner time and time again.

Coconut Oil Saves The Day

6 Beauty hack ideas you should try

Coconut oil is a must have around the house! Use it as a shaving cream for dry and sensitive legs, as a hair conditioner, make-up remover, cuticle oil – the list is almost endless




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