6 Great foods for fighting breakouts


Different triggers can cause acne. Your genetics determine whether you have the kind of skin that frequently breaks out or the kind that gets an occasional pimple. Hormones also play an important role. This is why the teenage years, when many hormones begin to kick in, are often plagued with breakouts. Your diet also plays a role in your acne. We’ve composed a list of 8 Foods that Fight Breakouts. These foods help your body fight inflammation and balance hormones. Some of these foods help treat inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis. If you’re trying to ward off acne, incorporate these 8 acne fighting foods into your diet. They’ll transform the way your skin looks and feels.

1. Salmon

Salmon. Photo Credit: gizmodo.com
Salmon. Photo Credit: gizmodo.com

The omega-3s and omega-6s in fish help reduce acne by stopping the inflammation that causes pores to clog.

2. Avocado

Avocados are high in healthy fats, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Vitamin E and C rejuvenate your skin and keeps it hydrated.

3. Colourful Vegetables

Bright vegetables are usually high in anti-inflammatory compounds and low in fast-digesting starches that cause breakouts. Add more bell peppers, tomatoes, beets, and squashes to your diet to reap the benefits and reduce acne.

4. Berries

Berries are great for your skin because they’re high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

5. Garlic

Garlic is another pungent vegetable that boasts anti-inflammatory benefits. The best thing about garlic is that it pairs well with almost any savoury dish. You can sprinkle it on pasta, chicken, burgers, bread, and soups.

6. Watermelon

Staying hydrated is essential for healthy skin. Water keeps your entire body in top shape, revs up your metabolism and digestive system, and gives you more energy. Watermelon is great for your skin because it’s a naturally sweet way to stay hydrated. Other foods with high water content include cucumber and zucchini.



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