6 habits that can ruin your chances at an interview


A successful interview

A lot of people wonder why they don’t get called back after performing well in an interview. Yes! you might have performed well but your habits might have said otherwise. These habits are things you started doing unconsciously but you have over time gotten addicted to. Whenever you are going for an interview, you need to be of your best behaviour, keep all dirty habits at home. If you fall into any of the under listed categories, you might want to start cautioning yourself.

1. Saying “Umm…”
Be specific in all you say and be precise. No Dilly-Dallying. Instead of filling a pause with an “umm…” just keep your mouth closed. If you have to, ask for some moments to gather your thoughts. You’ll sound much more intelligent when you speak clearly, concisely and with confidence.

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2. Avoiding Eye Contact
Eyes don’t bite. Overcome your fear and look straight into your interviewer’s eyes. Shifting your eyes from left to right can make you seem untrustworthy and timid. Avoid shifting your eyes up and down, it’s inappropriate. Keep your eyes locked with your interviewer. If you need a distraction, just look to your chair like you are adjusting it and look back up almost immediately.

3. Being late.

Going late for an interview is a sign of unseriousness. As a matter of fact, showing up late for anything at all doesn’t speak well of you. Be at your interview venue 10 minutes before the stated time. Showing up too early is also bad, your interviewer might just think you are faking an impression.

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4. Not smiling enough

Learn to smile lightly and always, not just for an interview, also in your everyday activities. Everyone loves to work with a nice and friendly person, and your face might be saying otherwise if it’s all clustered up. Don’t wear neutral or bored looks, have a cheerful look. Not looking happy enough or not smiling enough due to nerves is a problem to watch out for. It’s important to have a personable, enthusiastic and bright facial expression.

5. Touching Your Hair
Do you find yourself constantly touching your hair, your suit, nose or any other body part? Learn to keep your hands firmly in your laps so they don’t fall prey to your nervous habits. Be confident in how you look before you step into the room. Wear a comfortable suit and hairstyle that will stay put during your interview.

6. Not answering questions

If you are asked a question that you are not prepared for by your interviewer, try dancing around it. You are allowed to ask him to repeat the question while you work on the answer in your head. If you are asked about a job experience you don’t have, say you don’t have an experience in the field and immediately tell of an experience that is similar to the one asked.

Hope this helps… All the best with that next interview!


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