6 Really sweet ways to Wear a Denim Skirt!


No matter what the current trendy bottoms are, denim will never go out of style and designers are always reinventing new ways to wear them. A denim skirt is such a cute piece to wear! It’s extremely versatile and oh so cute for this weather.

Here are top 6 ways to wear a denim skirt!

Light washed denim skirt + relaxed white tee + black booties + sunglasses + watch

This outfit has a cool factor that can’t be ignored. Slightly vintage, slightly retro. But full-on not trying too hard.

Dark washed denim skirt + off-the-shoulder top (tucked in)

This outfit can be fancy with the heels, or you can make it casual just by throwing on sneakers or flats instead. Tucking in the shirt helps to give you a waist and adds definition.

Light washed denim skirt + grey tank + camel cardigan + sneakers

Easy & casual is what comes to my mind with this outfit. The grey and brown combo is still neutral, but different than the classic black and white.

Light washed denim skirt + black v neck cami + cream cardigan + gold necklace + flats

This look is a great transitional outfit from day to night. During the warm days, you can forgo the cardigan, then if the night gets cooler you can throw it back on without sacrificing style. A simple gold necklace adds the right touch.

Dark washed denim skirt + lightweight sweater + sneakers

This is a super easy outfit that you can just throw together. Lightweight sweaters are the perfect thing for the season!

Dark washed denim skirt + graphic tee + diamond choker + black hat + black purse + heels

This outfit is definitely not your “everyday-going-to-grab-groceries look,” but it’s a great fancier look for your more polished get-togethers or activities!

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