6 Stylish ways to wear your silk scarf like a pro


There are not many things more chic or versatile than a silk scarf. It’s a staple in any chic outfit. You’re not limited to just wearing them around your neck though!

Here are 6 stylish ways to wear your silk scarf.

In your hair

Whether you use it as function to tame back your hair or an accessory to add a little pizzazz, it’s the perfect chic hair accessory!

On your wrist

A scarf on your wrist substitutes as a bracelet!

Around your ankle

Taking the old school anklet trend into something much more chic and stylish.

As a belt

Too cute, right? An unexpected place to add a little bit of style.

Around your bag

You can buy bags with a scarf around them already, but you are actually paying more! See how easy and chic it is to add your own scarf accessory?

On your neck

Do as the French do!

I love that there are so many different patterns of scarves out there- definitely something for everyone! I’ve even found a lot of mine from thrift stores. It’s great because you can find unique patterns at super affordable prices. You definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money on this all-season accessory and that makes it even better!


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