It’s really annoying when we wake up in the dead of the night with an urgent need to go to the bathroom, but can’t fall back asleep after doing that.

What do you do?

Short of using sleeping pills, which can be addictive, here are ten suggestions on what you can do naturally to get back to sleep faster:

  1. Keep One Eye Closed

While you’re using the toilet during the night, keep one eye closed. Exposure to bright light on the retina tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime. Your eyes will adjust back to the darkness of your sleeping room faster this way and you should fall back asleep faster.

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  1. Roll Your Neck

Roll your head to the back of your neck. This exercise relaxes the nerves in your neck which go straight down your arms, hands and feet. This manoeuvre tends to relax the whole body and makes sleep come faster.

  1. Pull Your Ear

Gently pulling on your ear can work at relaxing the brain and thought process in order to fall back asleep after the interruption of a nighttime bathroom call.

  1. Progressive muscle relaxation

One trick that people find effective in relaxing is “talking” to your body. Start with your feet and work your way up, silently telling each area to relax. Do this several times and you’ll find yourself drowsing off until you fall asleep.

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  1. Don’t Stare at the Clock

Don’t continually check the clock after you get back in bed to see how long you’ve been awake. Turn the clock face toward the wall if you have to top avoid the temptation to look.

  1. Unwind your day

Think positively about the day’s events, and relive every small detail of what you did from the moment you woke up that morning. This puts you in a better neurological state of mind to relax and fall asleep.



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