For new mums, watching your kids get injected might be hard as their screams pierce through the ear. Sometimes, some mums even find themselves crying as well, but when you think of the health of your kids, you’ll know that it’s what your baby actually needs.

Below are some helpful tips that will help you put your emotions aside as you take your babies for vaccinations:

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  • Stay calm and be strong. When you’re anxious, your baby tends to be more anxious as well and may cry more than usual.
  • Distract your little one while he’s getting his shots. Get Dad to pull some funny faces at him, sing a familiar song to your little one, take a mobile with, which you can hang above him, or shake a rattle to distract him.
  • With older children, asking them to close their eyes and talk about their favourite cartoon character can work wonders.
  • If you’re breastfeeding, feed your little one while he’s getting his shots, or place him on your breast immediately after he gets his vaccinations – this is comforting for both Mom and Baby.
  • Don’t administer pain and fever medication directly after the vaccination. Rather wait and see if Baby develops a fever of 38 degrees or more before administering the medication.
  • Although your little one may cry a little bit, he’ll be very forgiving once you distract him with kisses and cuddles.



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