Your skin is a very sensitive and delicate part of your body, so you must treat it with much care. Pampering your skin by eating organic diets and using organic skin care products will leave it glowing and looking healthy.

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You can keep your skin looking healthy by kicking out the following habits

1. Not Hydrating

Hydration is the key to a perfectly healthy skin. As important as water is, most people do not drink water. Water is one of the most important elements to healthy living. Water has so many benefits of which some are: transporting nutrients to the places they need to go, flushing out the toxins we don’t want hanging around.

If you find it difficult and boring drinking water, you can add a squeeze of lemon and ice to your water, that way you won’t feel like you are taking water.

2. Eating Excess Sugar

Your uneven skin tone could be because you are consuming excess sugar. Sugar is bad for your health. It causes abnormal aging.

A 2013 study looked at the connection between blood sugar and aging. Participants who tested with higher blood sugar levels were also rated as looking older. The bottom line is this, sugar is bad for your health!

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3. Using Skin Care Products That Contain Alcohol

Most of the skin care products we have in stores have so much chemicals in them which are bad for our skin. Alcohols are added to these products to help ingredients mix together to form a finished product, act as preservatives, and temporarily shrink your pores.

But some alcohols used in skin care are drying, irritating, and damaging to your skin, and many contain petroleum-derived additives that you definitely don’t want on your face.

Go for plant-based ingredients rather than the skin-drying alcohols.

4. Sleeping on Pillow Cases Washed with Toxic Laundry Detergent

Hah! Guess you’ll say you never saw this one coming. Some chemicals found in our laundry detergents are linked with cancer, lung damage and hormone disruption. So be careful with what you launder your clothes with.

5. Not Exfoliating

Exfoliating your skin is one very important beauty routine you must not ignore. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells while giving room for new ones to generate. Exfoliate a couple of times in a week. Don’t exfoliate vigorously if you have whitehead or a sensitive skin. You can use a gentle scrub like the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub. You can also use Dead Sea Scrub

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6. Sleeping with your Makeup on Overnight

Yes we know you had a hectic day, we all did. But sleeping with your makeup on is not something you want to be doing, especially if you are wearing a chemical makeup brand. Wash off the makeup and let your skin breath. A naked skin is a happy skin!

7. Eating Junk

If you want your skin looking good and healthy, get rid of the junks you eat. Your skin is an indicator of what’s happening inside. Eat whole foods, stay away from frozen food, and eat freshly made foods to stay healthy.


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