A couple of years back, people didn’t have as many product options as we do now, and they had to make do. And you can, too! Rather than spending so much to solve your beauty woes, the antidote to your puffy eyes or dull hair might be waiting for you inside your cupboard or even in your purse! Check out the list below for ten surprising tips to up your beauty game.

1. Revive old (or new!) eyeliner

7 Old-school beauty tricks that have made a comeback

Lighting the tip of your eyeliner pencil makes it softer and easier to go on.

Try it: Grab a lighter and run the tip of your pencil through the flame for a second or two. Afterwards, make sure to blow on it and wait a few seconds before putting it on so it’s not dangerously hot. It should go on smoother than ever before.

2. Tighten up pores

A good old-fashion face dunk into ice water can work wonders on a tired face.

Try it: Fill your sink or a bowl with cold water and ice cubes, and submerge your face in the water, holding it in place for eight to ten seconds. Bonus beauty tip: dipping freshly painted nails in ice water can help the polish dry quicker!

3. De-puff eyes in 10 minutes

Late nights and hours spent staring into our computers can cause puffy, goblin eyes.

Try it: Steep two bags of tea in hot water for three minutes then put them in the fridge until they’re cold. Apply a tea bag to each eye and relax for ten minutes. Your eyes will feel refreshed and look less swollen.

4. Tone skin naturally

Apple cider vinegar has been known for a variety of uses, especially for the skin. It can work as a great toner as well as help treat acne.

Try it: Make a mixture that’s one part apple cider vinegar and four parts water, then apply to skin at night after cleansing. If you feel like you can use a stronger solution, try it with three parts water and so on.

5. Slough away dead skin  

Sometimes you don’t need a fancy facial scrub to get rid of dry skin. A common kitchen ingredient like sugar can make a great exfoliant because of its natural humectants properties.

Try it: Combine two parts organic sugar and one part olive or coconut oil. Gently rub into face, then rinse with warm water. You can also use this concoction to treat dry, chapped lips.

6. Hydrate parched skin

There are plenty of other wonderful things avocados can be used for, including your skin! The monounsaturated fats and antioxidants found in them can keep your skin moisturized, help reduce redness and irritation, and maintain its suppleness.

Try it: Mash one avocado up and spread it across your skin. Leave on for twenty minutes or so, then rinse with warm water. Your skin will be ridiculously smooth.

7. Lighten hair naturally

Lemon juice was one of the most popular ways to lighten hair back in the day.

Try it: Squeeze juice from four lemons and mix with ⅓ cup of water in a spray bottle. Distribute evenly to hair, then hang out in the sun for about 45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and condition well. Your hair will be a couple of shades lighter. This works best on blondes or light brunettes.



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