Your first date is not the time to have fun and eat all you want. It’s the best time to get to know who you are going out with. That way, you can tell if you are in for the long haul or up to no good.

The following questions will help you determine what your date has on their mind.

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  1. Where do you work?Maybe it’s a little boring, but it’s important to ask where someone works, or what they do for a living. That is a proper way to start a conversation as well as  find out if they’re passionate about what they do, and if not, what they would rather be doing instead.

2. What movies have you been interested in recently?

Okay, someone’s taste in movies isn’t the be-all, end-all, but it does tell you a little more about them.

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3. What’s your relationship with your family like?

This isn’t so much a question as a socialization philosophy. It’s important to be as real as possible with people on a first date. You can say, ‘What’s your relationship with your family like?

4. What’s your favorite TV show?

First things first: Find out if you’re binge-compatible.

5. Where did you grow up?

If you’re on a first date and you want to get to know the person, start by asking about who they are and where they grew up. Knowing that will help you understand why they do some things later on.

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6. Do you like reality TV?

I ask because I love it, and anyone who knows about the Real Housewives gets brownie points.

7. Where have you travelled?

If you love to travel, you might want to know if the person you’re dating has been to interesting places.


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