7 Romantic things to do with your partner this Christmas

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The holidays are nearly upon us and I don’t know about you, but I have been considering what I and Mr Budget could do as a couple. I want to surprise him with a couple of spontaneous things over the Christmas holidays, but also I want to really have fun doing the simple things we enjoy together.

Book an Escape Room

Basically this is a strategy game, where you have to work as a team to get out of a room that you are locked in. This definitely a fun activity for couples at Christmas, if you are needing to get out of the house. It would be worth booking though because these centres are very popular and book out quickly.

Try other Outdoor Activities – Inside

Fun things to do as couple, if you enjoy a variety of sports, could be booking a climb of an indoor climbing wall. These are the perfect experiences to be able to look back on at laugh about in the future and also you get to try things that could be out of your comfort zone, but together!

Romance on a Budget

If you’re looking for spontaneous romantic ideas to do at home, have these ideas ready:

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Togetherness is a strong theme here, to strengthen your bond – I really enjoyed decorating the tree with Mr Budget. You could play Christmas carols and prance around the room wearing the decorations – again very immature but amazing fun! These memories will stay with me forever.


Another cheap romantic date idea would be to give your partner a full body massage and run them a nice warm bath to relax in after. Buy a beautiful oil to massage with.

Movie Night

Buy a copy or rent online your partners favourite movie, or it could even be a Christmas classic, you both enjoy. Stock up on your favourite movie snacks and drinks. Settle down on the couch under a warm throw and just purely enjoy relaxing in each other’s company.

Buy Some Fun Underwear

There’s nothing better than to surprise your other half with some new sexy underwear. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or uncomfortable, but one idea could be to surprise them with it on one evening you are spending in.

Make Dinner Together

One of the best romantic date night ideas, in my opinion, is making dinner together. Agree on what your favourite dinner is and enjoy making it together. What makes you both feel warm and cosy? Use seasonal vegetables that you can buy cheaply from the local market. Have a lovely warm drink afterwards. You could make it more special by setting the table with lit candles and turning the lights down.



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