Losing weight is a lot of work. Healthy weight loss is slow, and the willpower to keep up a strict diet and exercise plan can be in short supply. Many people fall off the waggon without ever reaching their target weight, and simply give up. Low-effort ways to lose weight are becoming more desirable, but pills and fads are unsustainable and may cause problems.

However, if you’re only looking to lose a little bit of weight and don’t mind that it comes slowly, you may find some success with these tips. Here are 7 ways to lose weight without trying.

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  1. Move!

A fully-fledged exercise regime is ideal but when time is limited, short walks will do wonders. You’ve heard it before but here’s a reminder, simple things like parking farther from the store or using the stairs can help get the weight loss ball rolling.

  1. Learn portion control.

Learning what healthy portions look like is a key part of losing weight. Knowing what a balanced plate looks like and how much you need to eat to be satisfied are key weight-loss skills that can be applied at any time.

  1. Use a smaller plate. 

A plate covered completely in food is a delight to behold, and we tend to fill our plates entirely no matter their size. Large plates can make this a problem. Use a smaller plate for meals, about 9-10 inches, and you’ll be able to fill your plate without overeating.

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  1. Keep healthy food easily accessible.

It’s so easy to reach for chips or candy for a snack, so make sure your fruits, vegetables, or nuts are just as easily to reach. When scrounging for a snack, the first simple thing is generally what we spring for, so make it easy to choose the healthy option. Conversely, make it harder to go for bad snacks by locking them up or getting rid of them entirely.

  1. Drink water before meals.

Drinking water 15 minutes before meals can keep you full and hydrated, making you less likely to overeat. Studies have shown that those who drink water before meals lose more weight than those who only cut down their caloric intake. Get drinking!

  1. Get a healthy amount of sleep.

A lack of sleep can cause overeating, so make sure to get your recommended hours in every night. A healthy sleep cycle can improve your health in more ways than just weight loss, but it plays a big role in losing weight!

  1. Don’t starve. 

It should go without saying that starving yourself will cause health problems to the point of danger. Make sure to eat every day, multiple times per day. This will keep your blood sugar stable and you energised. Space out your meals and snacks appropriately to fight off afternoon and evening munchies.



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