8 Important things you need to make sure are in place before the arrival of your newborn


When a woman is expecting, especially if it’s her first child, she does all she can to make everything clean and perfect for the arrival of the baby. A lot of times most are at a loss on what exactly to do, what the baby needs, how to fix up the baby’s room, what toys and clothes to get, etc.

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A study carried out in September 2013 indicated that a mother’s third-trimester nesting instinct may have evolved from a desire to protect and nurture a new-born.

Marla Anderson, a lead author of the study said: “Providing a safe environment helps to promote bonding and attachment between both mother and child.”

So mothers, be excited when you’re expecting, embrace it because it is the most beautiful thing that can happen to any woman.

And while you are getting ready to welcome your bundle of joy, follow these few tips and you will be glad you did.

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  1. Take a class on childbirth and breastfeeding

You would want to take a class on labour and breastfeeding basics before the baby arrives. Get all those questions you have about labour and breastfeeding answered because for both of you, it will be a learning process—and some new moms would have trouble with that.

2. Get a crib and set up the nursery

Get the baby crib ready cos you would want your baby to have a comfortable place to sleep when he or she arrives. Put any finishing touches on the room décor.

3. Wash the baby clothes and the crib sheets

Wash the crib sheets, blankets and any other items that will come in contact with baby’s skin with a baby-friendly detergent before he or she wears them. Do this so that you won’t be running around when the baby eventually arrives.

4. Pack your hospital bag.

You would want to put all you’ll need together before you head to the hospital.

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5. Stock the diaper/pampers.

Get shopping already. Stock up the baby’s drawer with as much diaper/pampers as possible. You may have to go for different sizes and brands of pampers because you are not sure of your baby’s size until he/she arrives. Also add washcloths, baby wipes and cotton board to your cart.

6. Stock up the fridge

You would want to stock up your fridge for some nutritious stuff before the arrival of the baby.

7. Get ready the guests

You definitely will have guests coming as soon as the baby arrives. Your mother, siblings or maybe grannies could come calling. You must start getting ready to receive them. Get the room and the sheets ready for their arrival.

8. Install the car seat

The baby won’t be strapped to you or sitting in the passenger’s seat when he/she arrives. Get the baby’s car seat ready and get a technician to inspect the car seat to ensure it is properly installed.


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