8 Things your thirteen-year-old daughter should already know


Raising a female child is not easy, especially as they grow into teenager. But as parents, it is your responsibility to shape your daughter into what she would become. There are many life lessons that you should teach especially your daughter before she enters her teenage years. Those lessons include:

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  • Never hesitate to say ‘no’ when necessary Tell your daughter that if she finds something unacceptable or if she cannot commit to doing something or someone, she should say so honestly. In fact, people would appreciate your honesty even if they do not like to hear that.2. Politeness is always good

    make you understand that if she is humble, people will get attracted towards her more and this will also make her stand out of the crowd.

    3. What to expect from the approaching body changes

    Your daughter should be aware that there are some hormonal changes expected inside and she should be prepared for that. Also, let her know that she might experience some emotional changes also.

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4. Believe that you can.

Your daughter’s biggest cheerleader should be you. Remind her that as long as she works hard, she can accomplish anything. But, most importantly, she needs to truly believe that for herself.

  • How harmful are drugs You need to tell your daughter that no drugs are safe and so they should say “no” to them at any cost and do not even try once. Make them understand that drugs are illegal and dangerous as well as show them instances in real life so that they know about the tragedy that results due to the use of drugs.6. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are very important

    Once your daughter enters her teenage, it becomes very important she pays extra attention to her personal cleanliness and hygiene. If you need to point out or make sure, you should do that without hesitation. This is going to be the base of her entire life.

7. Love yourself first

Life is tough and your daughter should be ready to accept criticism. Explain it to her that it is not easy to please everyone. So, ask her to be what she is and make decisions that are right for her.

8. Don’t compare yourself with others

There will be some girls prettier than your daughter or smarter. Tell her that just because someone is rich, pretty or smart, it is not true that she will have all the happiness in life. Life is not a competition, it is a journey. You simply need to do your best and be what you are.



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