A 94-year-old father of 100 children and native of Ntungamo District in Uganda, Nulu Ssemakula, has added four more wives to the 19 he had married.

DD understands that Ssemakula lives with 66 of his children with some of his children having grandchildren.

His youngest child is 10 months old now and the youngest wife, 24, is pregnant with their 101st child.

The great grandfather says he still hopes to have more children and even marry more women.

Ssemakula said, “when you have many children and many wives, it is like managing the country,” adding that one has to pray for wisdom to know when you must but be serious and when you need to lighten the mood.

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In his place of residence, there is kraal of cows and sheep, goats and a chicken pen with broilers and local chicken and his family eats a sheep every week and whenever they get a guest.

Ssemakula married his first wife in 1952. He was soon joined by five others who live together.

He also owns a hotel in Rubaare Trading Centre where he spends most of his time.


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