I travelled to Abakaliki aka Ai recently. When I found out that I would be going there, my first thought was something like “can anything good come out of Abakaliki?” LOL. Anyway, I put on my tourist cap and decided to enjoy myself as much as I can.

It’s okay if you are wondering where on earth Abakaliki is located, I had to also explain to some friends that Abakaliki is the capital of Ebonyi State in Eastern Nigeria. Okay, now you know.
One of the amazing discoveries I made in Abakaliki was that of Josel Agro Foundation, I like to call it an upcoming Agricultural Paradise because it’s really still a work in progress. No need for plenty grammar, let the pictures speak.

The entrance of Agricultural Centre. I guess a customer parked their bike outside. Just had to get my picture like that anyways. LOL.


I saw an Ostrich for the first time and men is the neck long! Right besides the Ostrich is a Peacock. There’s a male Ostrich too. This is located just as you drive in from the gate.


This is still under construction but the landscaping is awesome and this pathway leads over to the artificial lake. The Chairs have set for visitors and tourists. It could also be used for business meetings. The Water hyacinths are grown in the Centre.


The artificial Lake showing the source of the water, some swams are sailing in it and the other side you have fishes swimming around.


One of the several vegetable garden where they grow Tomatoes, Cucumber, Leafy greens and what have you.

An artificial canal. Still under construction


A House of layers with well constructed feeding mechanism. I saw about 3 large bungalows housing Layers & several others housing Brooders.


This Fish business is real busines. The first picture shows some full grown fish is a fish farm. The second one shows the Fish eggs being harvested. I saw about 10 large Fish ponds with different sizes of correct Point n’ Kill in them. I kept pointing men but no killing happens here!

Garri processing in progress. The special thing about this garri is that it comes out sweet. No need to add Sugar or sweeteners when drinking. I didn’t believe it either until I tried it. Wow!



Above is the guest house and then the bakery. More guest houses are under construction and from what I can see, the place is set to be a grand tourist attraction. There’s also a place where Juices are produced locally, then you have the Abbatoir and the feedmill.


My trip to the Josel Agro Foundation was quite inspiring and rewarding. We had to pay 200 Naira at the entrance though as tourism fee and I saw lots of made in Abakaliki stuff that I would be writing about in my next article.




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